Is it time to hire a janitor? Top Five reasons to hire a commercial cleaning service.

Are you tired of cleaning all the time? Do you see your employees bickering over cleaning jobs? Do you wish that you could just come to work and start working rather than cleaning? If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are it is time to hire a janitor.   Hiring a janitor does more than just provide a clean work environment; it protects sanity, and preserves investment in equipment and employees. There are lots of fantastic reasons to hire a janitor, here are the top five:

  1. A janitor means less distraction from the job. For many people, working in a less-than-clean environment is terribly distracting. Whether the problem is that dirt is disgusting to an employee, or that the employee is distracted by clutter, or plagued by allergies, unclean environments are distracting. This is especially true for people that place a high value on cleanliness. For people like this, if you provide them a clean, inviting workspace, they will focus more fully on their jobs. Regular janitorial services can eliminate employee bickering over cleaning tasks, which makes a more pleasant environment for all.
  2. A janitor takes care of the dirty work.Let’s face it; nobody likes to scrub the toilets or the floors. Well, we cannot say nobody, but most people dislike heavy cleaning jobs. In most offices, employees are highly educated and specialized in what they do. Is it really a good use of resources to have an employee with a Master’s degree in Finances mopping the floor? No. A janitor specializes in doing the dirty work.  Let him or her do it so that your employees do not have to worry about cleaning.
  3. Janitorial services are reliable and consistent.Though this is number three on the list, this is a major selling point for hiring a janitor. Janitors are professional and work on a schedule of your choosing. Think about how well you know your job and recognize that a janitor possesses a similar level of skill and knowledge of cleaning. In addition, the professionals have access to the best chemicals and the best tools, which enables them to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and consistently.
  4. Clean environments save money.The best way to save money on facilities maintenance is to keep them clean. When things get dirty, your stuff gets damaged. This is true for every business out there. Consider what happens when dirt builds up. Floors get beaten up, electronics get clogged with dust, and stains develop on bathroom fixtures, all of which eventually lead to replacement costs. Another benefit of a clean environment is less downtime due to employee sickness and injury.  This is especially beneficial with the dangerous flu season ahead.
  5. Reduced liability. Not only are dirty environments costly, inefficient, and disgusting, but they can also lead to legal trouble. Janitorial services reduce liability by reducing employee exposure to harsh chemicals and situations that could lead to physical harm. Cleaning services carry their own liability insurance, so you can rest assured that you will not be held responsible if the janitor injures him or herself.

Having a janitor means that everybody can enjoy a more comfortable productive work environment. In addition, costs and liability will be reduced. A janitorial service is a win-win situation for most businesses. Services and schedules can be customized to meet specific needs. The best part is the janitors can be contracted from cleaning services, so there is no need to hire a full time janitor yourself. Invest in your company and sanity by hiring a janitor today!

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