Post-Construction Cleaning Experts Make You Money

When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars constructing or updating a facility you want to show it off as soon as possible. But nobody, including you, can fully appreciate the beauty of your new building until the dirt, dust, debris and clutter associated with construction have been removed.

Post Construction Cleaning

The bottom line is that your building project is not entirely finished until the post-construction cleanup is complete. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters are vital members of the construction process but very few of them do a thorough job of cleaning their work areas when work on a project is finished.

Companies that offer quality post-construction cleaning services specialize in the finishing touches that spell quality to your customers and clients. Some of the services they offer include:

Debris removal: Most construction sites are left with wood chips, metal shavings, discarded packaging and other debris. Excessive clutter is unattractive and can create safety hazards. A reputable post-construction company will haul away trash in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Extensive vacuuming: The drywall dust, wood dust and other small particles associated with a building project can settle into vents, ducts, windowsills and light fixtures. Dust in the air creates health hazards, especially for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

Thorough scrubbing: Once all the dust is out of the of the air and off the surfaces, cleaning service staff members go to work wiping down and scrubbing every surface of your building. They will also remove all of the stickers and decals associated with installation (like window stickers and logos on building materials).

Polishing: Once everything is clean and dust-free, the post-construction cleaning crew will polish all surfaces, then wax and buff the floors. If your facility has new carpeting, they will clean and freshen it.

Exterior cleaning:  Post-construction cleaning companies understand the importance of a good first impression and will make sure that the exterior of your building is clean and welcoming. They will remove leftover materials, pressure clean sidewalks and parking lots and make sure that flowers and shrubs are trimmed and healthy. The will also make sure that exterior signage is clean and in good repair.

Choose a post-construction cleaning company that has the staff, expertise and equipment that best suits your needs. Focus your teams resources on the core competencies of what makes your business strong. Calling in the experts allows your team to move onto the next project quickly. In today’s competitive business environment first impressions are more important than ever. Shiny new windows, sparkling clean floors and freshly polished surfaces will help you showcase your new facility in the best possible way.

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