Screening For Cleaning: How To Select The Company That Fits Your Needs

Because the appearance of your facility is a reflection of your core values, a professional cleaning service is an important aspect in your overall business plan. A research project conducted by Harris Interactive Research Company reported that more than 85 percent of US consumers rate cleanliness issues as a “significant factor” in how they perceive quality.

Like all good relationships, your partnership with a cleaning service should be based on mutual trust and respect. Here are some guidelines to help you determine which service is the right fit your business: Cleaning Service Checklist

Experience:  How long has the company been in business and what is their track record? Select a cleaning service with several years of experience so you can be sure they have developed a reliable system. Check out their references and visit other facilities with whom they have done business.

Flexibility:  Every facility has unique needs. The types of services and frequency of cleaning will vary from business to business. Most cleaning companies are willing to come in after hours to avoid disruptions during the work day. Be clear on how often you will need them to provide mopping, vacuuming, dusting, restroom sanitation and other services. Choose a cleaning service that is willing to work with you to develop a plan to that meets the specific needs of your facility.

Cost Structure:  A reliable cleaning company will work with you to develop an effective cleaning plan that also fits your budget. When you ask for a quote, make sure they include a list of services they will provide. Request a free evaluation and have them submit a proposal in writing.

Insurance: Make sure the company you choose is adequately insured to protect you and your facility from liabilities while they are on your property. Do they maintain worker’s compensation insurance for their employees? Reputable cleaning companies will gladly provide written proof of insurance.

Policies: Are the company’s policies aligned with the core values of your business? If you are committed to “being green,” are they willing to use organic cleaning products and procedures? Do they treat their employees with dignity and respect? Are their staff members well-groomed, thoughtful and courteous?   Choosing the right cleaning service is essential because their staff members indirectly represent you and, in some cases, they may have direct contact with your customers and clients.

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